It looks like Epic Games has quietly canceled Unreal Tournament

It looks like Epic Games has quietly canceled Unreal Tournament 3X – the free version is gone from Steam

A few months ago, Epic Games announced plans to revive multiplayer competitive shooter Unreal Tournament 3, but the second release doesn’t seem to be far away.

    Image source: Epic Games

Image source: Epic Games

The remastered version should be called Unreal Tournament 3 X, be based on Epic Online Services, be free (no microtransactions) and be cross-play between Steam, EGS and GOG.

How noticed Blogger Wario64, June 5th, mentions all the innovations of Unreal Tournament 3 Steam Pages disappeared without a trace (changes are transparent). SteamDB). At the request of Unreal Tournament in EGS and GOG, nothing is issued at all.

Everything is related to the fact that Epic Games has silently canceled Unreal Tournament 3 X, however, Epic Games itself is not yet ready to confirm this. At the request of the portal kotaku The company said there was nothing to announce right now.

    Image source: SteamDB

Image source: SteamDB

Along with the announcement of Unreal Tournament 3

The alpha version of Unreal Tournament (2014) was discontinued on January 24, however Epic Games stopped further development of the game back in 2018. The project died out for a long time due to the success of Fortnite Battle Royale.

As a result, the once popular series has almost been forgotten by its makers today. None of the games in the Unreal Tournament series are currently available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GOG.

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