It looks better every time The unusual role playing game Dark

“It looks better every time”: The unusual role-playing game Dark Envoy pleased the players with a new trailer, which, however, will be released later than announced

Independent Polish studio Event Horizon (Tower of Time) introduced gameplay trailer for their tactical sci-fi role-playing game Dark Envoy and shared two important pieces of news about it.

    Image Source: Event Horizon

Image Source: Event Horizon

First, Event Horizon’s partnership with Asmodee Digital (now Twin sails interactive) has been discontinued. developer reportedwho are now appearing in the indie scene.

Second, the release announced for the current year has been postponed to 2023. The reasons for the delay are not specified, but the creators are promise go into detail briefly. The game is expected on PC (Steam, GOG), PS4 and Xbox One.

Dark Envoy’s 1.5-minute gameplay trailer, which debuted as part of the 2022 Golden Joystick Awards, demonstrates combat tactics, a variety of abilities and introduces the dark force that will stand in players’ way.

More than 100,000 people have viewed the video since it was released. Viewers who unsubscribed in the comments agreed that the game looks promising and “looks better every time”.

The events of Dark Envoy will unfold in a grim world where technology defies the established magical order. Players in the role of relic hunters must face fate.

The developers promise a non-linear storyline, moral dilemmas, real-time combat with the ability to slow down or pause combat, a campaign that supports online co-op for two, and resizable dungeons.

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