Israeli StoreDot demonstrates ultra fast charging technology 160 km in

Israeli StoreDot demonstrates ultra-fast charging technology – 160 km in 5 minutes

Israeli startup StoreDot has once again successfully demonstrated its Extremely Fast Charging technology by publicly showing the process of charging a pack traction battery. In 5 minutes it was charged enough to give an electric car a range of 100 miles (approx. 160 km).

    Image source: StoreDot

Image source: StoreDot

The process took place in front of visitors to the EcoMotion Week 2022 exhibition, which was held in Israel and broadcast to viewers from around the world. Battery parameters including state of charge, temperature, voltage and capacity were shown to everyone.

During the demonstration, the so-called 300 x 100 mm battery packs, manufactured by EVE Energy in China. The battery was charged in less than 10 minutes, enough for a charge of up to 20Ah, the readings exceeded the planned 0-80% given before the demonstration started.

According to InsideEVs, the company has demonstrated the ability to add 100 miles of range every 5 minutes of charging, and in doing so, the battery has never warmed above 33 degrees Celsius, which is much lower than StoreDot engineers recommend. In addition, all other critical parameters have been kept at an optimal level.

The demonstration took place as part of the StoreDot plan, the so-called. “100inX” where 100 is the range in miles and X is the charge time. If by 2024 a charge level of 100 miles in 5 minutes is to be achieved at an industrial level, then by 2028 – in 3 minutes and by 2032 – in 2 minutes.

According to a StoreDot spokesperson, the program has already made it possible to develop batteries capable of 1200 consecutive cycles of extremely fast charging. For batteries that are ideal for use in electric vehicles, the company is aiming for more than 1,000 cycles by the end of this year.

According to the head of StoreDot Doron Myersdorf (Doron Myersdorf), the demonstration showed the full willingness of the company to comply with the given “roadmap”. In addition, he believes it is extremely important to ensure that drivers can charge the batteries of electric vehicles in a time that is comparable to the time it takes to fill up with conventional fuel.

Already today, StoreDot technology is actively being tested by global electric vehicle manufacturers. In April, in particular, there was information that Volvo Cars was investing in the development of batteries at a new level. Daimler Trucks and the Vietnamese VinFast are also involved in joint projects with an Israeli start-up.

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