iPhones took 7 out of 10 places in the ranking

iPhones took 7 out of 10 places in the ranking of the most popular smartphones of 2023

Canalys specialists conducted a study of the global smartphone market to determine the most popular models in 2023. The work they have done indicates that Apple has strengthened its position in the flagship segment, while Samsung’s presence is more noticeable in the mid-range smartphone segment.

In the ranking of the 10 best-selling smartphones according to Canalys, 7 positions were occupied by Apple devices, which once again emphasizes the strength of the American company in the premium segment. The iPhone 14 Pro Max tops the ranking, followed by the more recent iPhone 15 Pro Max and the base version of the iPhone 14. The top five of the ranking also includes the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13. All this indicates the popularity of Apple devices among consumers looking for a productive device with advanced features.

Unlike Apple’s flagships, the presence of Samsung devices in the ranking is ensured only by mid-price models: Galaxy A14, Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A14 5G took sixth, eighth and ninth positions, respectively. Although Samsung continues to produce a wide range of smartphones in different categories, the absence of the South Korean company’s flagships in the ranking highlights the intense competition with Apple in this segment.

Canalys data also points to the continued popularity of the iPhone among consumers around the world. Each new iteration raises the bar and helps the company strengthen its position in the global smartphone market. Samsung has managed to keep demand for mid-priced smartphones strong, but in the premium segment the company may have to refocus its efforts to try to challenge Apple’s dominance.

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