IPhone 13 Pro Max camera proved to be a suitable medical tool for eye treatment

One of the new features of the iPhone 13 Pro is Macro Mode, which allows you to take high-quality photos from very close distances. While most users use the new mode to capture natural details, Dr. Tommy Korn found that the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s macro camera can also be helpful in diagnosing and treating eye conditions.

On LinkedIn, the ophthalmologist shared the story of how he used his new iPhone 13 Pro Max to test a patient’s vision with a new camera. Thanks to the macro mode, Korn can take very detailed photographs of the eyes, which allows him to observe and capture important details about the patient’s health.

The doctor demonstrated the capabilities of the camera on the example of a case with a patient who had a corneal transplant, and now the doctor needs to constantly check whether the abrasion heals. Korn states that the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera has the potential to be a professional device.

Despite the new camera mode, Apple hasn’t added a new macro lens. Instead, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a redesigned 120-degree f / 1.8 ultra-wide-angle camera that uses autofocus and software to capture macro images from 2cm away.

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