iPhone 13 and 14 get support for Qi2 wireless charging

iPhone 13 and 14 get support for Qi2 wireless charging with the iOS 17.2 update

Apple, which is usually cautious when introducing new standards, did not hesitate to introduce Qi2 support and has already made it available in the iPhone 15 smartphone range. However, the company has decided not to limit itself to this: in Release Notes The preview version of iOS 17.2 RC says that the update will be added “Qi2 charger support for all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models”.

    Apple iPhone 13. Image source: apple.com

Apple iPhone 13. Image source: apple.com

This means that the previous two generations of iPhone support wireless charging with Qi2-labeled devices up to 15W, although the power value is not specified in the iOS documentation. With the release of iOS 17.2 to a wide audience, it will certainly be possible to say this – this will probably happen in the coming days.

So far, the 15 W input power on the iPhone 13 and 14 was only achieved with MagSafe-certified chargers, all others did not deliver more than 7.5 W. Qi2 delivers the same 15 W on compatible devices from all manufacturers, which Apple no longer offers for the MagSafe -Have to pay label.

The Qi2 standard was announced almost a year ago at CES 2023 and its main advantage was the support of MagSafe fast wireless charging even on Android devices thanks to the Magnetic Power Profile technology, which ensures compatibility between phones and chargers. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) organization responsible for the standard added that future versions will support higher performance. Chargers called Qi2 will go on sale soon.


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