iOS 17 will be released on September 18th for all

iOS 17 will be released on September 18th for all compatible iPhones – table clock mode, interactive widgets and other innovations

Apple announced yesterday at its Wonderlust event that iOS 17 will be available on all compatible iPhones next Monday, September 18th. The platform has received many interesting features.

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With iOS 17, the standby function was introduced, which turns a charging iPhone into an information center – to do this, it must be placed horizontally on a stand and connected to a charger. In this mode, the phone displays the current time, incoming notifications and various widgets.

Widgets on iPhone’s lock screen and home screen are interactive: you can control your smart home’s lighting or turn off reminders without opening apps. Autocorrect has become smarter and mistakes are easier to correct with the touch of a button.

AirDrop now has the NameDrop feature, which is intended to allow quick exchange of contacts with nearby iPhone owners. The Phone app now includes customizable contact posters that let you choose what you want the person you’re calling to see. Live Voicemail brings notifications of incoming voicemail messages directly to the lock screen; The updated “Messages” now includes the check-in feature, which allows you to share your location to get to your destination safely.

FaceTime supports video messages – you can leave them if the caller doesn’t answer the call, and they can watch them on Apple TV. Mobile Safari now has a locked private browsing window, password sharing feature, and improved surveillance protection. Maps now work offline, photos identify pets, and visual search detects foods, icons, supports videos, and more. The Health app now has a mood tracking feature.

Apple iOS 17 is supported on iPhone ‌‌ XS and newer models. This means that support for iPhone‌‌8,‌‌iPhone‌‌8 Plus and‌‌iPhone‌‌X is no longer supported.


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