Ion Fury Sequel does not threaten its story DLC

Ion Fury Sequel does not threaten its story DLC

3D Realms Publisher in Steam discussions commented Players’ concerns about the Aftershock add-on to the retro shooter Ion Fury amid the announcement of the main game’s sequel – Phantom Fury.

    Image Credit: 3D Realms

Image Credit: 3D Realms

Remember that Aftershock launched last March (the expansion was officially announced back in September 2020) and was due to be released in summer 2021, but development has been delayed.

3D Realms assures that the announcement of Phantom Fury will not affect Aftershock: the new project will be created by the Polish studio Slipgate Ironworks, while the supplement will be made by the authors of the main Voidpoint game. News about the addon will follow shortly.

“This year we lost the stage to Phantom Fury [Realms Deep]to avoid any confusion. we are still working [над Aftershock] And we have more to share.”commented the situation in Voidpoint itself.

Aftershock developers promise 13 locations, a fifth level of difficulty, an arrange mode (a remix of the main campaign), a new weapon, inventory items, multiple types of enemies and ammo.

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