InWin launches the P Series modular cabling power supplies in white

InWin launches the P-Series modular cabling power supplies in white

InWin has presented the 80 PLUS Gold-certified power supplies of the P series in the White Edition and presented the 650 W, 750 W and 850 W models with an efficiency of 90%.

Image source: InWin

Image source: InWin

New items are made in white. A fully modular cable system was implemented, which also has a flat shape. So you can only use the connections you need and get rid of unnecessary cables inside the case.

The cooling system is based on a 135 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan. It stops completely at loads of up to 20%, which reduces the noise level from the power supply unit to zero. After the computer shuts down, the fan continues to run for 60 seconds to dissipate residual heat.

Japanese capacitors with a temperature range of 105 degrees Celsius are used in the design of the devices. MTBF indicator (mean time between failures) exceeds 100,000 hours.

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UVP (under voltage protection), OVP (over voltage protection), OPP (over power protection), OCP (overload protection), OTP (over temperature protection) and SCP (short circuit protection) are responsible for safety.

The dimensions of the power supply units are 160 × 150 × 86 mm. The manufacturer grants a five-year guarantee. The price was not given.


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