Intrusive Windows 11 advertisements appeared in Windows 10 on the

Intrusive Windows 11 advertisements appeared in Windows 10 on the entire screen and on several pages

Microsoft is once again increasing pressure on Windows 10 users, trying to push them to switch to Windows 11. According to online sources, the software giant has started showing full-screen multi-page Windows 11 advertisements directly in Windows 10, but at the moment not all users are seeing them.

  Image source: Windows Latest

Image source: Windows Latest

Ads are shown during the installation of an optional update for Windows 10, which was released in January of this year. We are not talking about a small pop-up window. Instead, the ad takes up the entire screen, and there are switches at the bottom of the banner that allow you to scroll through the slides.

The ability to close the advertising banner appears only after viewing four slides in which Microsoft talks about the advantages of Windows 11, without mentioning that the operating system may not be compatible with the user’s computer.

The advertising banner is complemented by two buttons. One of them allows you to refuse the update, while clicking the second will start downloading Windows 11 in the background. The description says that if necessary, users will be able to return to Windows 10 within 10 days after upgrading to Windows 11. In addition, during the upgrade, all user files on the device will be preserved.

Microsoft has a good reason to actively advertise Windows 11 and in every possible way push users to switch to this version of the software platform. According to Statcounter, 66.45% of Windows PCs are still running Windows 10, while Windows 11’s share is only 27.82%. Obviously, the distribution of Windows 11 is not going as quickly as the company would like, so it is pushing users in every possible way to update.

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