Introducing the Opera One browser with contextual tab grouping and

Introducing the Opera One browser with contextual tab grouping and a focus on AI

Opera has released a new browser called Opera One, which will eventually replace the company’s default browser. The developers indicated that the presented product contains elements that make it ready “a generative future based on artificial intelligence”without saying exactly what it means.

    Image source: TechCrunch

Image source: TechCrunch

The main innovation of Opera One, available to developers in the preliminary version of the application, is a modified concept of grouping tabs called “islands of tabs”. The browser automatically groups open tabs based on their context. For example, if the user is looking for a place to have dinner, the tabs for different restaurants are grouped together. When interacting with different Google Docs, tabs are also combined with them for more convenient interaction.

Each island (group of tabs) is marked with a vertical bar of a specific color. You can expand or collapse a group by clicking on the appropriate tab. When collapsed, each group of tabs is supplemented with hints, making it easy for the user to find the island they want. Opera noted that the new approach is to group tabs “The natural way to organize tabs in contextual groups”.

It is also known that Opera One uses a new engine that allows smooth playback of complex web animations using the device’s graphics accelerator. This improves performance when interacting with tab groups and other features that will later appear in the new browser. As for Opera One’s AI-focused features, little has been said about them. It is only known that the default browser will receive an integration with ChatGPT and ChatSonic. Later this year Opera One will replace the company’s default browser on Windows, macOS and Linux devices.

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