Introduced safe smartphone NitroPhone 1 – the same Google Pixel 4a, but with a different OS and for $ 750

The German company NitroKey has released a modified version of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone. The new product, released under the name NitroPhone 1, features an increased level of data security and provides the best user privacy.

The smartphone runs on the privacy-focused Android-based operating system GrapheneOS. The novelty is the first step of the company to enter the smartphone market. Until now, NitroKey has only sold security keys, as well as laptop and desktop computers that provide a high level of data protection.

In fact, GrapheneOS is the only difference from the base Pixel 4a. This operating system is completely devoid of all Google applications and focuses on providing additional security features. These include encryption of the layout of the PIN, an automatic emergency switch that turns off the smartphone after a certain period of inactivity, and anti-tracking protection that blocks apps from accessing the IMEI, MAC address, and other data. NitroKey also says the OS includes secure standard applications and services, including the core and WebView. Google applications can be installed on a smartphone, but they are placed in a sandbox to protect the user from “leaking” personal information. In addition, the user can order the NitroPhone 1 with an “amputated” microphone.

In hardware, the smartphone is a regular Pixel 4a. This particular model was chosen for its Titan M security chip. The NitroPhone 1 is priced at $ 750, more than double the price of a regular Pixel 4a. Security isn’t cheap.

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