Introduced HalfDive VR, the first VR headset to be used while lying down

Japanese startup Diver-X has developed what is arguably one of the weirdest virtual reality headsets around. It is designed to be used while lying down. The novelty, called HalfDive VR, combines a number of functions that have never been seen in such gadgets before.

Image source: Diver-X

Image source: Diver-X

The device, for example, is equipped with two fans to enhance the feedback effect. When operated in low speed mode, they can be used as cooling fans to enhance user comfort during extended VR sessions.

Among the more familiar functions of the novelty, it is necessary to highlight the support for three-dimensional sound, which is provided by the four speakers built into the headset. The HalfDive VR headset comes with a pair of conventional hand and foot controllers. With the help of the latter, the user will be able to control the movement of his avatar in virtual reality.

Diver-X promises 4.5 degrees of freedom for its new product. The headset uses two displays with a resolution of 1600 × 1440 pixels per eye, supporting a refresh rate of 90 Hz and providing a viewing angle of 134 degrees. As indicated by the developer, a ten-lens system is used here with additional support for varifocal lenses (with variable focal length).

The headset also includes several interfaces, including DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.0 and 3.5 mm audio jack.

The developers plan to promote the HalfDive virtual reality headset through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. The campaign will begin this November. The base model of the device will receive a price tag of $ 800. The price of the complete set (the company does not indicate what it includes) will be $ 1200. A set of a headset equipped with advanced varifocal lenses, the manufacturer estimated at $ 4000.

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