Intels new Ohio facilities will be ready to produce 18A

Intel’s new Ohio facilities will be ready to produce 18A products

Yesterday at the same event, Patrick Gelsinger not only spoke to US political leaders, but also gave interviews to a number of publications detailing the prospects for a new manufacturing facility in Ohio that could accommodate up to eight by the end of the decade Individuals will provide chip manufacturing facilities. The first two companies will be ready to manufacture products based on Intel 18A technology, and not only for the needs of the company itself.

Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

Randhir Thakur, President of Intel Foundry Services explainedOhio companies are first preparing for the “Angstrom Era” and will therefore support the launch of products utilizing advanced Intel 18A process technology until they become fully operational in 2025. Third-party customers order a wide range of products here, from high-performance mobile phone components to solutions for artificial intelligence systems. Ready for Intel 18A process to Ohio means EUV and High Aperture (High NA) lithography scanners shipped here. ASML recently announced Intel’s intention to purchase the first scanner of its kind for over $340 million.

In Intel’s official press release, only one sentence was dedicated to defense orders – it is assumed that the location in Ohio will also serve the needs of the US authorities in the areas of security and infrastructure. Incidentally, Patrick Gelsinger himself yesterday expressed hope to officials and the US President that a package of legislative measures in support of the American semiconductor industry will be passed soon, providing for the provision of targeted subsidies in the amount of $ 52 billion. The company relies heavily on these subsidies but is proactive, according to Intel’s boss. She would have built these plants in Ohio without government subsidies, but the construction would have taken longer and would not have been as massive. He added that he sees no reason to alleviate the component shortage before 2023.

Regarding plans to choose a location for building a company in Europe, Intel’s CEO said yesterday with the usual phrase that the company would have to make such a decision in the next few months. The stock exchange did not respond to the statements of the company’s management with positive dynamics of Intel shares. A small spike in price during the trading session was canceled out by the subsequent drop, and by the end of the day, Intel shares returned to their original positions. Shares of other large companies in the semiconductor industry lost a few percent yesterday.


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