Intels decision to pack flagship processors in more modest packages

Intel’s decision to pack flagship processors in more modest packages shows the closeness of announcing successors

The PCN database on Intel’s website has long since ceased to be a source of interesting news, as it is usually in the database that one can find out about discontinued models. Intel indirectly indicated this week that not only the Core i9-12900K processor, but also the much more mature and expensive Core i9-10980XE will soon have successors.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

The latter was presented at the end of 2019, and its potential successor is considered a hypothetical model of the Sapphire Rapids X family for workstations that can work with the Intel W790 chipset. Coincidentally, Intel also recently recalled the existence of the latter, confirming its functional purpose.

The essence of the changes described in new communications from Intel is that the Core i9-10980XE and Core i9-12900K processors will abandon their usual boxes in favor of more compact ones, and the latter will become less “festive”, so to speak, packaging. As a result of the innovations, the first of the processors will change to a box measuring 116 × 44 × 101 mm from September 4 of this year instead of the previous 138 × 138 × 61 mm. It might seem like a small thing, but all those extra millimeters hide the bulk when processors are shipped and stored in bulk, so a more compact package actually saves on logistics.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

Core i9-12900K processors will not only reduce the size of the package from 164 × 130 × 139 mm to the same 116 × 44 × 101 mm, but also simplify the content, since this model will soon lose the status of the original flagship of the current family. Similar metamorphoses occur in the packaging of older processors in the family about a month or two before the release of successors, so with these transformations Intel unknowingly sends a signal that the announcement of the Raptor Lake family of processors is close. The tradition of highlighting boxed versions of the older model was established during previous Intel management, and it all started with a bizarre dodecahedron that was very inconvenient to transport and store. It is noteworthy that such transformations have not yet been described for the Core i9-12900KS processor, so it will remain in the “front” package for some time.

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