Intel will release Granite Rapids D peripheral chips with Intel Process

Intel will release Granite Rapids-D peripheral chips with Intel Process 3 in 2024

Intel develops Xeon-D processors as part of the Granite Rapids-D family. These chips are focused on peripherals and intended to replace models Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 (Ice Lake-D), which was released a year ago and in turn replaced the Skylake-D series processors.

    Image Credit: Computer Base/Intel

Image Credit: Computer Base/Intel

The Computer Base portal published one of the first marketing slides for the upcoming processors of the Granite Rapids D family, citing Intel. It is possible that the information contained therein will change in the future. However, it is currently known that Granite Rapids-D processors will be based on Intel 3-process technology. The new processors will offer higher core density compared to their predecessors.

Granite Rapids-AP and Granite Rapids-SP server processors are expected in late 2024. According to Computer Base, compact Xeon-D chips (Granite Rapids-D) are not expected to appear before 2025 at the earliest. However, Intel’s slide points to 2024, announcing a release shortly after the release of the energy-efficient Sierra Forest family of server processors.

While the Intel AI and Edge Computing chips. They can be used in enterprise routers and switches, virtualized radio access networks (vRAN), storage servers and as part of security equipment.


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