Intel will not equip Arc Alchemist discrete graphics cards with mining protection

Intel Arc Alchemist Discrete GPUs based on Xe-HPG architecture will not feature any mining protection. About this in an interview with the portal Gadgets 360 Intel Graphics Chief Raja Koduri and Chief Gaming Officer Roger Chandler said.

The emergence of a third player in the gaming desktop graphics accelerator market promises to be a big event. However, for many gamers, it can be overshadowed by the fact that Intel has no plans to fight miners in any way. In an interview with the portal Gadgets 360 the head of the gaming direction of the company Roger Chandler (Roger Chandler) said that Intel is not going to implement mechanisms in its video cards that would restrict the mining of cryptocurrencies.

“As for software blocking of mining and the like, we do not conduct any developments in this direction and do not create any functions that would restrict mining. This is not a priority for us. We create a product that everyone can buy. However, we are developing Intel Arc and Alchemist first of all with an eye on gamers and digital content creators “– commented Chandler.

The company is also not ready to promise that, given the current shortage in the video card market, it will be able to fully meet the demand for its graphics accelerators at the start of their sales. But as Raja Koduri noted, none of their competitors is capable of this either.

“We will become the third player on the market. In the current environment, when the demand for video cards is very high, such questions should be answered with extreme caution. Of course, I could say that we will simply increase the supply of video cards. But in the current environment, this is not possible. I think that each of our competitors will answer the same right now “– said Koduri.

Intel is working closely with its ODM and OEM partners to release non-standard Alchemist graphics accelerators. In an interview, Roger Chandler confirmed that Intel has already provided reference graphics cards to its partners in order to simplify and speed up the development of custom versions.

“We provide developments that will allow our partners to accelerate in creating their own versions of video cards and stand out from the rest. Can we compare the design of non-reference versions of our video cards with those already on the market – we are not yet ready to give such comments “Chandler said.

According to the latest information, discrete graphics accelerators for desktop computers will not appear until the second quarter of 2022. The company plans to release first mobile graphics cards based on the Xe-HPG architecture, the release of which should take place around the same time as the mobile Alder Lake processors, that is, somewhere in the first quarter of next year.


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