Intel will introduce an Arrow Lake processor with Intel 20A

Intel will introduce an Arrow Lake processor with Intel 20A technology “fairly soon”.

In the client segment, Intel Arrow Lake processors are expected to appear in the second half of next year, which, in addition to the new LGA1851 socket, will also include a chip made by the company using Intel 20A technology. Some sources recently tried to spread rumors that Intel would have problems releasing such chips, but the company’s head dispelled them and even promised to show real samples of Arrow Lake processors soon.

    Patrick Gelsinger and an example of the Ponte Vecchio computer accelerator.  Image source: Intel

Patrick Gelsinger and an example of the Ponte Vecchio computer accelerator. Image source: Intel

Rumor has it that Intel may have abandoned its own 20A process in favor of TSMC’s 3nm process, but Patrick Gelsinger at the conference did Deutsche Bank considered such speculation unfounded. On the contrary, in his opinion, Intel has raised its own forecasts for the pace of the transition to mass production of processors from the Arrow Lake family at its own companies. “Everything looks very healthy here” – explained the CEO of Intel. From a lithographic point of view, the Intel 20A process technology will be interesting, which uses the structure of RibbonFET transistors and the method of powering elements from the back of the PowerVia chip.

According to him, the mass production of processors of this series will begin next year, and already at the next events with the participation of Intel management, Gelsinger himself intends to show the public the first real samples of Arrow Lake processors. In addition, he reported back in July that Intel specialists had received working samples of such processors of the first revision. In other words, it’s possible that the next event will feature Alder Lake’s first demonstration of working samples of some sort. Intel Innovation 2023, which will take place on September 19-20. “I look forward to showing them off in the near future. If I release them next year I should be able to show them soon.‘ commented Gelsinger.

Arrow Lake-S desktop processors are rumored to be up to 21% faster than Raptor Lake-S processors, and integrated graphics are up to 2.4x faster. The new processors are offered in the LGA1851 version, which requires the use of not only new motherboards, but also modernized brackets for processor cooling systems. Arrow Lake chips will also support special instructions to speed up work with artificial intelligence systems.

On the way, Patrick Gelsinger said that Intel is steadily mastering five new technical processes in four years as planned. Intel 7 technology has long been used in mass production of processors. Production volumes of Intel 4 technology components for Meteor Lake processors are increasing, which are expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The company is also ahead of schedule on the Intel 3 technical process, the first representative of which will be Sierra Forest server processors, and will start mass production in the next half of the year. Shortly thereafter, the server processors Intel Technology 3 and Granite Rapids are released. After that, it is already becoming apparent that Intel will also master the release of Arrow Lake processors with Intel 20A technology, before the end of 2024.

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