Intel will integrate graphics from Arc graphics cards into Meteor

Intel will integrate graphics from Arc graphics cards into Meteor Lake – the performance per watt will double

Intel today announced details of its upcoming Meteor Lake mobile processors. The new products will be innovative in many ways and bring many completely new solutions for Intel to the consumer segment. The integrated graphics are also undergoing a major upgrade, making them significantly more powerful than the current iGPUs in Intel processors. In fact, Intel integrates discrete Arc graphics into its CPUs.

The main feature of Meteor Lake will be the chiplet design: the processor will consist of four crystals – CPU, GPU, SoC and I/O. The integrated graphics processor of the new products will move to the more powerful Xe-LPG architecture, which was adopted from the desktop Xe-HPG and significantly exceeds the performance of the current Iris Xe.

The GPU received the same set of execution units as the Arc A380 graphics card. We are talking about eight Xe graphics cores, which means the presence of 512 shaders. In addition, the new “integration” will offer 128 vector engines, two geometry pipelines, eight blocks for hardware acceleration of ray tracing and other elements.

Intel claims that the Xe LPG GPUs deliver twice the performance per watt as the current Iris Xe. The latter, as we recall, were twice as powerful per watt as the 11th generation Intel UHD graphics, previously widely used in processors.

In addition, for the first time on integrated graphics, the new chips receive support for XeSS, an intelligent scaling technology from Intel, similar to DLSS from NVIDIA and FSR from AMD. This is intended to help further increase frame rates in games by rendering images at a lower resolution and then upscaling them.

Although Intel hasn’t provided performance numbers, it claims that the new integrated GPU “operate at a much lower minimum voltage and achieve a much higher maximum clock speed“than previous iGPUs – more than 2 GHz.

In addition, Intel has its own “Patented, cost-effective solution for evaporation chamber cooling“, which, according to the company, will help release powerful laptops for gaming and creativity based on Meteor Lake.

It should be added that not all Core Ultra processors in the Meteor Lake family receive the latest GPU. The fine print says: “Intel Arc Graphics is only available on select MTL processor-based systems (meteor Lake) with dual-channel memory

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