Intel will abandon the Pentium and Celeron brands budget CPUs

Intel will abandon the Pentium and Celeron brands: budget CPUs for laptops will be called Intel Processors

Intel announced that it has decided to phase out the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron brands under which its entry-level processors are manufactured, and instead use the more generic Intel Processor brand. It will serve as the name for several chip families at the same time.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

The manufacturer explains that the rebranding only applies to entry-level mobile chips; the usual trademarks will continue to be used in the desktop segment. In addition, products that have already been released are not affected by the renaming. The new Intel Processor brand will only be used on products that the company will launch in 2023.

The switch to the new brand should make it easier for buyers to choose an entry-level laptop with an Intel processor, the company explains.

The manufacturer’s lineup also includes several high-performance mobile platforms, including Intel Core (gaming segment), Intel Evo (consumer), and Intel vPro (enterprise segment). The renaming will not affect their names in any way.


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