Intel wants to sell 1 million Meteor Lake chips in

Intel wants to sell 1 million Meteor Lake chips in 2024 – they will get an AI accelerator that will use Windows 11

Intel is preparing to release a new series of consumer processors. The manufacturer did not specify when exactly the new chips, codenamed Meteor Lake, will be released, but shared some details about future updates.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

In its official blog, the company confirmed that the new Meteor Lake processors will be equipped with a special neural VPU (Versatile Processing Unit) engine, which will become part of the SoC chiplet of future processors. As you know, the processors of the new series will use a chiplet instead of a monolithic design, which will allow the use of combinations of different crystals with computational cores, integrated graphics and other components made on the basis of different technological processes.

The VPU of future Meteor Lake processors is designed to work with various AI models. The company is making heavy use of AI in its upcoming processors and announced a collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate WinML/DirectML machine learning APIs on Windows 11 with the AI ​​block. In addition, the VPU will draw on the Windows Studio effects pack, which includes background blur effects, an effect to simulate looking at the camera when the user is looking at the screen, an effect to automatically zoom in and crop an image while moving, etc. a noise reduction function.

Intel also announced plans to ship 1 million Meteor Lake processors next year.

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