Intel wants to build a large chip factory in Ohio

Intel has decided to build a new semiconductor plant near the Ohio state capital, Columbus. Construction is expected to be the largest economic development project in the country’s history.

Source: Intel

Source: Intel

Local authorities have so far declined to comment on news leaked to the media about the plant’s construction, but the company is said to be working with local, state and government officials to prepare the announcement. Project details are carefully hidden. In December, Intel Governor Mike DeWine and other local officials announced that New York State’s proposal to locate the plant on its territory had been rejected in favor of Ohio.

The plant is to be built in New Albany – a suburb of Columbus, about 30 km from the state capital. Thousands of jobs will be created during the implementation of the project, and the total cost of the project will amount to tens of billions of dollars.

However, the exact scope and timing of the project will depend on upcoming amendments to federal legislation in which the federal government prepares to provide billions of dollars in subsidies to the US semiconductor industry. The law was passed in the Democrat-controlled Senate last June, but approval in the House of Representatives has been delayed. Notably, supporters of both ruling parties in the United States from Ohio are urging lawmakers from Washington to pass the US Innovation and Competition Act as soon as possible. A similar position is taken by the administration of US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden).

Source: Intel

Source: Intel

In early 2021, after a series of manufacturing setbacks, Intel considered outsourcing much of its chip production to contract manufacturers in Asia. This course was revised after Pat Gelsinger became CEO and promised to build new plants in the US and Europe and expand contract manufacturing.

Originally, Intel wanted to submit projects in 2021 but apparently chose to wait for legal confirmation of billions of dollars in construction subsidies. In an interview, Gelsinger said the new US plant will be a “small town” costing $100 billion over several years and employing 10,000 people. According to the director, one of the factors will be the plant’s proximity to one of the universities. Luckily for Ohio, the local state university is known in the country for its strong engineering graduate degrees.


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