Intel unveils processor roadmap from Raptor Lake this year to

Intel unveils processor roadmap: from Raptor Lake this year to Arrow Lake in 2024

At its annual shareholder meeting, Intel unveiled a new forward-looking plan to bring the next generation of PC processors to market. It envisages the release of new generations of consumer CPUs each year: Raptor Lake in 2022, Meteor Lake in 2023, and Arrow Lake in 2024.

Intel unveils processor roadmap from Raptor Lake this year to

The company considers client processors, for which the Client Computing Group division in the Intel structure is responsible, to be its key product – they account for up to half of its sales. Therefore, Intel has formulated an aggressive plan to release new CPU generations and intends to strictly adhere to it.

According to the plan, Intel will start shipping Raptor Lake processors, the successor to Alder Lake, in the second half of this year. They will continue to use a hybrid architecture and, like their predecessors, will be produced on the Intel 7 process. At the same time, Raptor Lake will receive an increased number of cores to 24 (according to the 8P + 16E formula) and an increased number of supported threads to 32. A noticeable increase in performance is promised, expressed in double-digit percentages, as well as improved overclocking capabilities. Intel specifically states that Raptor Lake will remain compatible with the LGA1700 platform.

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Next coming in 2023 will be processors codenamed Meteor Lake, whose computing part will be manufactured using the Intel 4 process. We recall that this process should offer a performance increase of 20 percent per watt compared to Intel 7 for the first time in the consumer segment, Meteor Lake will use a tile design (chiplet). Processors are made up of four semiconductor crystals – CPU, GPU, SoC and IO. Thanks to this division, Intel promises a fundamental increase in the performance of the integrated GPU – we are talking about bringing its performance up to the level of discrete graphics cards.

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As a replacement for Meteor Lake, the company is already preparing processors codenamed Arrow Lake – they are planned for 2024. CPUs of this generation will also use a tile (chiplet) design: their components will be manufactured both on Intel 20A process technology in their own factories and on other process technologies in external contract factories – here we apparently mean TSMC N3 process technology.

The final element to appear in Intel’s current processor schedule is a consumer CPU codenamed Lunar Lake. Little is known about this: it is only reported that for its release, as in the case of Arrow Lake, both proprietary (mainly Intel 18A) and external production technologies are used.


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