Intel unveils free label replacement program

Intel unveils free label replacement program

Intel has always taken its branding seriously, and computers with branded processors have traditionally come with holographic stickers placed on the chassis in the most conspicuous place. If such a sticker is accidentally lost or damaged, it is possible to replace it – it turns out that the company has provided a free replacement program.

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About the existence and quite effective work programs said one of the users of the forum Redditwho uses it and wrote a positive review. He recently bought a used Intel processor, and since he “always liked stickers”, he wondered how he could get one. Turns out you can get it for free. All you have to do is confirm the purchase of an Intel processor or a computer based on a proprietary chip.

The confirmation can be a screenshot, photo or scan of an invoice, receipt or product packaging, and you can send an image via a special form. In extreme cases, you can use the screenshot of the application Intel System Support Utility. The author of the Reddit thread reported that the sticker arrived fairly quickly via FedEx courier. Other users of the platform have confirmed that the program works and that the stickers arrive, on average, three days after filling out the form.

Along with the sticker, the manufacturer sent a letter to the author of the thread, which specifically states: “We greatly appreciate your support for the consistent and faithful use of our brand. Placing a sticker on the front of the system helps us consistently deliver on our brand promise of innovation. [обеспечению] reliability and advanced technologies”.

By the way, nothing has been reported about similar programs from AMD and NVIDIA.



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