Intel Unveils Fastest Alder Lake Desktop Core i9 12900KS

Intel Unveils Fastest Alder Lake Desktop – Core i9-12900KS

At CES 2022, Intel presented a new flagship desktop processor, the Core i9-12900KS. It will be a faster version of the previously released Core i9-12900K and will strengthen the lead in the company’s gaming performance offerings ahead of the launch of the AMD Ryzen 9 5800X3D with increased L3 cache.

Intel Unveils Fastest Alder Lake Desktop Core i9 12900KS

During today’s presentation of Alder Lake’s mobile and desktop processors, Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Intel Client Computing Group, mentioned that among other things, Intel is preparing to release a 16-core Core i9-12900KS overclocking processor whose clock speed will be Reach 5.5 GHz with one load on one core. At the same time, the frequency can stay above 5.0 GHz under multi-threaded load, which was confirmed during a brief game demo in Hitman 3.

Production of the Core i9-12900KS has already started, but according to preliminary information, this flagship chip will only be sold in the OEM segment. However, the situation may change before the full launch, which is scheduled for later this quarter.

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In fact, the Core i9-12900KS will be a special officially overclocked edition of the Core i9-12900K with limited availability. The processor receives 8 productive and 8 energy-efficient cores, but its full properties are still unknown. During the game demonstration, the frequency of the P-cores of the Core i9-12900KS was 5.2 GHz and the E-cores 4.0 GHz. A normal Core i9-12900K maintains frequencies of 4.9 and 3.7 GHz, respectively, when all cores are loaded, and its maximum frequency when one core is loaded is 5.2 GHz.

Further details were not given: Information on the required cooling, availability and price of the Core i9-12900KS remain unknown.

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