Intel trolls Apple again – new video reveals the benefits of PC to Mac fans

Historically, Apple has regularly produced humorous videos comparing Mac and PC platforms. Often in such materials, Apple products were associated with active youth, and PCs with middle-aged users. Now Intel has responded with a video of its own.

Previously, the processor manufacturer did not intervene in the struggle between platforms, since he himself worked closely with Apple. With the release of the last of its own chipsets, the friendship came to an end, and Intel began to release joke videos last year. Now the video “Breaking The Spell” has been released, in which “random” survey participants are subtly persuaded to switch from Apple products to PCs, and they do it in a very unexpected way.

First, Apple fans are asked about their attitude to the possibility of upgrading the RAM and permanent memory of laptops – this has always been lacking in Macs. People are made to think that in some next-generation Apple solution there will be such an opportunity.

The following advertising segments focus on the availability of tens of thousands of games, and mentions the numerous form factors of devices that can turn from a laptop to a tablet – this will save money on the refusal to buy two separate models. Survey participants warmly welcome the appearance of such transformers at Apple.

Finally, the announcer in the advertisement reveals the “secret” – all these features have long been available in the ecosystem of PCs powered by Intel processors. The actors show disbelief, after which the poll leader opens a secret door, behind which are laptops and PCs with Intel processors, which make an indelible impression on Apple fans.

It is difficult to say yet whether such advertising will “lift the spell” from true Apple fans – they are often characterized by strong brand loyalty.


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