Intel releases the second Starfield bugfix driver within a few

Intel releases the second Starfield bugfix driver within a few days

Intel released the second beta driver for Arc graphics cards within two days. The Intel Arc & Iris Graphics beta software is intended to fix some graphics bugs in the Starfield RPG on Intel accelerators and improve overall optimization.

    Image Source: Bethesda

Image Source: Bethesda

In a note on the new version of the driver, the company noted that in Starfield (DX12) the stability of working in different places has been improved, the incorrect display of glass surfaces and objects has been fixed, and the problem with disappearing eyebrows on characters has also been solved. Intel has promised to continue to improve the optimization of its Arc graphics cards and fix bugs in the game.

List of Known Issues:

  • Starfield (DX12) may experience sporadic stability issues in some locations;
  • With Starfield (DX12) graphic disturbances can occur when using dynamic resolution scaling. Workaround: Change the value of the resolution scaling slider.
  • In Starfield (DX12), low-quality textures may appear on some in-game objects.
  • in Starfield (DX12) bright textures may flicker;
  • Fortnite (DX12) may experience flickering damage during gameplay.
  • Characters may experience texture distortion in Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (DX12).
  • Campaign in Halo Infinite (DX12) may crash on some system configurations;
  • Possible application crashes in Dead by Daylight (DX11)
  • Topaz Video AI may encounter errors when using some video enhancement models.
  • Rendering operations in Adobe After Effects can cause the application to crash.
  • Spontaneous increase in fan speed on Arc graphics cards.

You can download Intel Arc & Iris Graphics beta driver for Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems from Intel’s official website.

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