Intel releases graphics drivers to support Arc A370M and A350M

Intel releases graphics drivers to support Arc A370M and A350M graphics cards

Intel has released the Arc graphics driver It includes support for the new Intel Arc A370M and A350M mobile discrete graphics cards. The company also points out that the driver is compatible with the integrated Iris Xe graphics of 12th generation Intel Core mobile processors (Alder Lake-H, Alder Lake-P), but other “embedded” are not supported.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

This version of the graphics driver also includes a new feature-rich Intel Arc Control application for monitoring Arc and Iris Xe graphics and many other useful game features. This Intel software package does not include game optimizations or bug fixes for previous driver versions.

List of Known Issues:

  • Periodic “crashes” of Total War Saga: Troy when playing in one company with the choice of the maximum image quality settings;
  • Lights and textures can be intermittently distorted in scenes with fog in Back 4 Blood.
  • occasional crashes in Forza Horizon 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War;
  • FIFA 22 may experience intermittent crashes.
  • Problems loading maximum quality textures in CrossFire;
  • Surface textures may be distorted when using medium or higher graphics quality settings in Gears 5.
  • Some objects and textures may not render in Halo Infinite, and lights may appear washed out or oversaturated in the multiplayer menu.
  • Texture issues with some interactive objects in Guardians of the Galaxy;
  • Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition may experience minor texture issues.
  • Texture or flickering issues on some surfaces in Naraka: Bladepoint;
  • Rust can occasionally experience a crash when connecting to a new server.

Intel has also listed issues that can occur with the Arc Control application. The manufacturer indicates that it will continue to improve and improve the stability of the Intel Arc Control software after its initial release. Many of the issues listed below will be fixed shortly after the application release.

List of known arc control issues:

  • Intel Arc Control Studio may experience issues capturing microphone audio during prolonged streaming.
  • You may encounter problems launching Intel Arc Control after you install or update the application. As a temporary measure, Intel suggests restarting the computer;
  • Checking for new drivers or trying to install a new driver version through Intel Arc Control can sometimes result in an error stating that the driver cannot be installed.
  • The Alt+I hotkey may not work in some games such as CrossFire and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
  • an attempt to bring up the Highlights interface in the Arc Control overlay using hotkeys may result in an unknown error message;
  • When switching the display mode of performance metrics in the Arc Control overlay video, some settings from the previous display mode do not disappear, although they should;
  • The Performance Optimization page in the Intel Arc Control application may display errors or not appear at all on unsupported platforms. In this case, attempting to change any of the settings on this page may result in an error or the Arc Control application may stop working;
  • The Arc Control application may conflict with Windows Firewall.

You can download the Arc Graphics Driver package from official page by Intel


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