Intel releases 8 bit browser game with CEO Patrick Gelsinger

Intel releases 8-bit browser game with CEO Patrick Gelsinger

Intel decided to celebrate the first anniversary of Patrick Gelsinger’s tenure as CEO in a very original way. The company prepared a simple game called Pixel Pat. This is a browser game that anyone can play for free and learn some facts about Intel.

Pixel Pat is an 8-bit style game with a simple jumping mechanic. The player has to help the head of Intel to assemble silicon wafers in the Intel factory. Along the way, the hero can find a suit that grants him invulnerability. Users should dodge monsters and dust balls, and collect lightbulbs to learn about Intel innovations and milestones in the company’s history.

Gelsinger took over as CEO of Intel on February 15, 2021. To date, he has launched a massive Intel IDM 2.0 strategy that includes multi-billion dollar investments in new factories and developments. As part of this strategy, Intel plans to regain innovation leadership in the semiconductor market and begin offering contract manufacturing services. The company also introduced Alder Lake CPUs and Arc Alchemist discrete gaming GPUs.



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