Intel overclocked Arc A750 graphics card to 2719MHz and showed

Intel overclocked Arc A750 graphics card to 2719MHz and showed Arc A770 in disassembly

Intel continues to introduce its Arc A770 and Arc A750 gaming accelerators to the public and gradually releases information. Earlier, the company announced the official characteristics of graphics cards, and also shared data on their performance using ray tracing and XeSS scaling technology. Now representatives of the company Ryan Shrout (Ryan Shrout) and Tom Petersen (Tom Petersen) exchanged information about manual overclocking of these video cards.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

Usually manufacturers rarely touch the topic of manual overclocking of video cards, and you will not get stories from them about the overclocking potential of this or that accelerator model. Intel decided to go against established traditions. Ryan Shrout and Tom Petersen demonstrated overclocking the reference Arc A750 through the proprietary Arc Control application, increasing the power consumption limit of the graphics card graphics chip (GPU Power Limit) from 185 to 228 W and also changing the voltage settings.

The graphics card has been overclocked with its standard cooling system. Finally, the frequency of the graphics chip was increased to 2719 MHz. The game Hitman 3 was started for testing. Overclocking did not result in a significant increase in gaming performance. Before adjusting the GPU frequency settings, the card was producing 90 frames per second, and 95-96 frames per second after that. The temperature of the GPU itself rose to 81 degrees Celsius after overclocking, the temperature of the memory chips to 88 degrees.

Intel representatives also showed the flagship accelerator Arc A770 Limited Edition in the analysis. As it turned out, the reference version of the graphics card is equipped with a cooling system that includes a massive aluminum radiator, a copper evaporation chamber and four flat heat pipes measuring 10 × 3 mm.

The whole structure is cooled by two fans. According to Intel, the noise level of the cooling system does not exceed 39 dBA. The reference version of the Arc A770 has an RGB backlight.

The Arc A770 reference board features a six-phase VRM power supply, eight GDDR6 memory chips (8GB or 16GB total), three DisplayPort 2.0 connectors, and one HDMI 2.1 connector powered by a PCON chip. Non-reference versions of Intel Arc graphics cards can also be equipped with an HDMI 2.1 connector, but this is up to the manufacturers themselves if they want to use an additional PCON chip in their circuits. In addition, the reference Arc A770 has an 8-pin and a 6-pin power connector.

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