Intel opens lab in Seoul to work with Samsung and

Intel opens lab in Seoul to work with Samsung and SK Hynix on memory issues

In recent months, Intel has abandoned plans to build new R&D centers as the company is forced to cut costs due to falling sales and rising costs of building new facilities and mastering new technological processes. It is all the more interesting to learn that a new laboratory for the certification of memory chips will start work in South Korea this year.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

This was announced earlier this month The Korea Herald, which stressed that at the recent Intel Vision 2023 event in Taiwan, Intel management told partners that the company was ready to set up six research labs in six countries — not just South Korea, but also in the USA and India, China, Mexico and Taiwan. The Korean lab will be based in Seoul and will carry the full name Advanced Data Center Development Lab, indicating a focus on the server segment. This laboratory will start work later this year.

Intel’s partners in this area will be local memory manufacturers, represented by Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. The focus of the lab is on certifying memory modules and chips for compatibility with Intel CPUs. The largest RAM manufacturers are concentrated in South Korea, so the choice of location for a new laboratory is absolutely justified and logical. The standards that the lab examines for compatibility include DDR5 and CXL. Both are beginning to be used more and more in the server segment, so the introduction of a special laboratory by Intel is planned very soon.

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