Intel Meteor Lake processors will have a VPU module for

Intel Meteor Lake processors will have a VPU module for specialized AI tasks

Information was found in the latest version of the Linux driver confirming the use of a specialized Movidius VPU module in future Intel Meteor Lake processors. He will likely be responsible for speeding up the execution of tasks related to AI algorithms.

    Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

The VPU module driver is integrated into the Linux Direct Rendering Manager subsystem, which is responsible for interacting with graphics processors of video cards. The VPU module in Meteor Lake processors will consist of five components: a CPU-VPU integration block, a memory management block, a RISC controller, a network block, and a Neural Compute Subsystem (NCS) block.

It is assumed that the VPU module Meteor Lake can become a kind of analogue of the tensor cores of NVIDIA GPUs. In GeForce RTX graphics cards, tensor cores perform a number of specialized tasks related to the operation of AI algorithms. What the VPU module in the new Intel processors will be responsible for is not yet entirely clear. Intel acquired the custom VPU developer six years ago. During this time, the processor manufacturer could definitely come up with something interesting.

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Image source:

14th generation Intel Core processors (Meteor Lake) are expected next year. They will replace the Raptor Lake processors, which will make their debut this fall. Unlike the latter, which is just a slightly improved version of the current Alder Lake chips, Meteor Lake will be a truly new series of Intel processors. These chips will use a hybrid microarchitecture of large Redwood Cove cores and small Crestmont cores, a 3D multi-die layout manufactured using different manufacturing processes, and new integrated graphics based on the Xe-LPG architecture.


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