Intel Meteor Lake offers 5 to 14 cores and integrated

Intel Meteor Lake offers 5 to 14 cores and integrated graphics at Arc A380 level

According to the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead, the Intel Meteor Lake processor family is divided into six series with different power consumption values. The source shared an image of Intel’s marketing slides, which, in particular, for the first time reveal details about the number and configuration of the cores of representatives of the future mobile platform.

    Image Source: Moore's Law is Dead

Image Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

Intel itself has previously confirmed that the 14th Gen Core processor series will feature not only Meteor Lake, but also updated Raptor Lake Refresh. As has become known from fresh slides, the latter will represent the older segment. The main part of the new generation will continue to be completely new Meteor Lake processors. Intel’s upcoming lineup of mobile processors will include the following processors:

  • Meteor Lake with 7 W TDP and 5 to 9 cores (maximum 1P + 8E core configuration);
  • Meteor Lake with 9W TDP and 6 to 10 cores (maximum 2P + 8E configuration);
  • Meteor Lake with 15 W TDP and 6 to 12 cores (4P + 8E maximum configuration);
  • Meteor Lake with a TDP of 28 W and 10 to 14 cores (max. 6P + 8E);
  • Meteor Lake with a TDP of 45 W and 12 to 14 cores (max. 6P + 8E);
  • Raptor Lake Refresh with 55 W TDP and 14 to 24 cores (8P + 16E at maximum configuration).

It is also known that Meteor Lake will use the new Xe-LPG graphics architecture, which serves as the basis for Intel Arc graphics cards. The Raptor Lake Refresh models, on the other hand, receive Intel’s current mobile graphics architecture with a limited number of execution units of 32.

Another slide shown by Moore’s Law is Dead (above) indicates that Meteor Lake processors will have up to 8 Xe cores in integrated graphics. Each of them is said to contain 128 vector engines, which in turn result in up to 1024 FP32 operation blocks. For comparison: The GPU of the entry-level Intel Arc A380 graphics card has the same number of execution units. Intel’s slide shows that Meteor Lake’s new Xe-LPG graphics architecture will offer up to 33% more graphics cores than current and full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Unfortunately, the images provided do not give any indication of the models of future processors and their frequencies. It is very likely that Intel will reveal a lot more about the new 14th generation core chip series at the innovation event planned for September this year.

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