Intel lands another major order for bitcoin mining chips

Intel lands another major order for bitcoin mining chips

In the second half of the year, Intel will release the Bonanza Mine (BMZ2) mining chips, which are expected to be available both as separate components and as ASIC devices. Earlier it became known that the company received at least three large orders for a new product, but now the fourth partner is reported – the American mining company HIVE Blockchain.

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HIVE is interested in purchasing Bonanza Mine ASICs and is working on integrating them into its own hardware. The company aims to significantly expand its operations by increasing the overall productivity of its machines by 95% from 1.9 to almost 3.8 eh/s. The customer plans to deploy the new equipment in the second half of the year.

Intel has not yet announced the number of ASIC devices that will be shipped to HIVE. The prices and specifications of the BMZ2 have not yet been officially confirmed, but preliminary information has been released earlier. According to unconfirmed reports, the systems will be rated at 135 Thesh/s with an efficiency of 26 J/Thesh and will cost US$5625. If HIVE is really going to almost double the power of its arsenal, then we’re talking 14,000 copies of BMZ2 with a total value of more than $78 million.

Bitcoin is considered a revolutionary solution in the financial world, but like many other cryptocurrencies, it has been criticized for its energy consumption and environmental impact. In particular, Intel has long avoided the mining industry.



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