Intel is willing to participate in a consortium of investors

Intel is willing to participate in a consortium of investors to buy Arm’s assets

For the Japanese group SoftBank, which has owned the assets of the British developer of processor architectures Arm since 2016, its re-entry was originally a “plan B” in the event that the deal with NVIDIA fails. Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger said this week that his company is ready to partner with investors interested in investing in Arm.

Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

Relevant statements by Intel’s CEO are noted Reuters. So far, no such consortium has been formed and Arm’s IPO is a priority scenario for SoftBank, but if there were others willing to buy the British developer’s assets, Intel would willingly participate in this initiative. As Gelsinger acknowledged, there were discussions in the industry to form a consortium to buy Arm’s assets even before NVIDIA took the initiative to acquire the British company.

At the same time, the Intel boss noted that the processor giant would be equally pleased to see Arm regain public company status. “We are not bulk consumers Poor, but we use his developments. We will use it more actively Poor as included in the Contract Business Development Agenda IFS, Patrick Gelsinger explains. He added that if a consortium of investors were formed to buy Arm, Intel would consider getting involved in one form or another.


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