Intel is already shipping Meteor Lake to partners the

Intel is already shipping Meteor Lake to partners – the official release is scheduled for December 14th

At the recent shareholder meeting, Intel announced that it is already launching Meteor Lake mobile processors. Chiplet-design client processors will officially launch on December 14, but the company began mass production long ago and has been shipping them to OEMs for several weeks.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

“In the third quarter, we began initial shipments of Meteor Lake based on Intel 4 process technology, which we are now deploying extensively with the most productive fleet of EUV lithography tools in the industry, giving us a capital efficiency advantage of more than 20x .”% compared to when the EUV tools were first introduced. Intel Core Ultra processors are shipping to customers within just a few weeks. Their release will take place on December 14th, coinciding with the release of the 5th generation Xeon processor.“said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger as part of the report.

It should be noted that the company produces chiplets with computing cores (CPU) of Meteor Lake processors based on Intel 4 (7 nm) process technology using EUV lithography in two factories. One is located in Portland, Oregon, USA, the second is near the city of Leixlip in Ireland. This will allow the company to produce Meteor Lake in sufficient quantities to meet demand.

“Mass production of Meteor Lake using EUV lithography is taking place in Oregon and was also recently launched in Ireland. Our Fab 34 factory in Ireland is the first in Europe to mass produce chips using EUV, underlining our commitment to geographically diversified and sustainable supply.”added Gelsinger.

Meteor Lake is Intel’s first consumer processor with a chiplet design and the new Intel 4 process technology with EUV lithography. Meteor Lake processors consist of four chiplets (crystals): CPU, GPU, SoC and I/O. Two crystals – GPU and SoC – are manufactured at TSMC facilities using technical processes N5 and N6 (5 and 6 nm, respectively). The CPU chiplet with Ocean Cove P-Cores and Gracemont E-Cores is manufactured by Intel itself using Intel 4 (7 nm) process technology. This chip also contains the AI ​​Engine (NPU). The combination of chiplets into a whole is carried out using proprietary Foveros technology.

Meteor Lake’s design is focused on energy efficiency. Intel promises that the new processors will offer similar performance to the current mobile Raptor Lake, but use half as much power. This allows more powerful chips to be used in thinner laptops or powerful laptops to be made thinner.

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