Intel introduced Raptor Lake Refresh at the Innovation 2023 conference

Intel introduced Raptor Lake Refresh at the Innovation 2023 conference, but almost no one noticed

Although almost no one noticed, Intel announced the Raptor Lake Refresh family of desktop processors as part of its recent Innovation 2023 conference. The announcement went under the radar as it was not part of an official presentation by Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger.

As part of the conference, the Intel film team visited various stands on the Innovation site, where various Intel hardware was demonstrated. Some stands displayed products that are scheduled to come onto the market in the next few months. There was also a spot for Raptor Lake Refresh.

An Intel employee working at the booth was quick to point out that this was the first public appearance of a preliminary version of a system based on the Raptor Lake Refresh series chip. The demo showed the desktop system used to create Meta Human – a virtual avatar of a real person captured by cameras.

Unfortunately, this is where the information about the new chips ends, as neither model names nor processor configurations have been revealed. It is curious that this is the only official mention of this family throughout the entire duration of Innovation 2023, although at last year’s event a lot of attention was paid to the 13th generation of Core chips – Raptor Lake. Instead, this time Intel focused on Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake, highlighting their AI acceleration capabilities.

The upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh family is expected to initially consist of six models, including a 24-core Core i9-14900K(F) at 6 GHz, a 20-core Core i7-14700K(F) at 5.6 GHz and a 14-core Core i5-14600K(F) model with a frequency of 5.3 GHz. Other members of the family, mostly non-overclockable models with a TDP of 65W, will be presented next year, probably at CES 2024.

Sales of the 14th generation Intel Core desktop processors, i.e. the models with an unlocked multiplier and 125 W TDP, are currently expected to start on October 17th. Intel has not officially confirmed pricing or specifications.


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