Intel has started shipping real high quality Raptor Lake S Refresh to

Intel has started shipping real, high-quality Raptor Lake-S Refresh to reviewers – the release of new chips is just around the corner

Intel has already started shipping samples of the updated Raptor Lake-S Refresh series flagship Core i9-14900K(F) processors to reviewers. Photos of the box with the new processor divided some users of the social network X (formerly Twitter). Along with the real processor, reviewers received a plush chip.

    Image source: QQ / @9550pro

Image source: QQ / @9550pro

One of the photos shown shows the packaging of the new 14th generation Core i9 processor. As you know, Raptor Lake-S Refresh will be Intel’s last consumer processor with the “i” designation, as well as the last processor for the LGA 1700 platform. In the future, the company will release Core 3/5/7/9 and Core Ultra 5/7/9 chips. The first models with the new labeling will be Meteor Lake mobile processors.

    Image source: X/ @LepherAndrey

Image source: X/ @LepherAndrey

As can be seen from the published photos, there are no significant changes in the packaging of the latest processors for the LGA 1700 platform. It is impossible to determine whether the packaging of the updated flagship Core i9-14900KF contains a plastic reflector in the form of a silicon wafer, as was the case with the Core i9-13900K, based on the angle of the photos.

The updated Raptor Lake-S Refresh processors are expected to go on sale on October 17th. The first reviews of the new chips are scheduled to appear on the same day. Initially, only six models will be offered for sale: 24-core Core i9-14900K and 14900KF with a frequency of 6 GHz, 20-core Core i7-14700K and 14700KF with a frequency of 5.6 GHz and a 14-core Model Core i5- 14600K and 14600KF with a frequency of 5.3 GHz. Other members of the family, mostly non-overclockable models with a TDP of 65W, will be presented next year, probably at CES 2024.

It is noteworthy that Intel did not officially announce the Raptor Lake-S Refresh processors at the last major Innovation 2023 event, but rather showed how the new generation chip works as part of a demo assembly. At the same time, the company did not announce the price of the chips, nor their official characteristics, nor the date of their sale during the event.


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