Intel has released a microcode update that fixes a security

Intel has released a microcode update that fixes a security issue in processors up to Kaby Lake

According to the resource PhoronixIntel released a microcode update for its CPUs last week that addresses a specific information security vulnerability. It affected a variety of models, including mobile versions of Kaby Lake, which launched back in 2016.

Considering that the planned release of mostly software updates on Tuesday happened not so long ago, then the gig recommendations The microcode update of the processors on Friday could point to the recent discovery of corresponding vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about the nature of the vulnerabilities, but they affect a wide range of processor generations, from the most modern Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids to the rather old mobile Kaby Lake.

For Linux users, the corresponding updates are already available, in the future motherboard manufacturers will have to integrate these fixes into upcoming BIOS versions, and software fixes will most likely reach Windows users even faster via regular update channels.

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