Intel has reduced the list of sites for future factories in Europe to ten and promised to further develop the factory in Ireland

During his working visit to Ireland, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger spoke flatteringly about the activities of the company’s local representative office, under the auspices of which processors of this brand have been produced here for more than thirty years. Intel will develop its business in Ireland regardless of whether a new cluster for contract manufacturing of chips appears here, although the likelihood of a positive decision remains.

Image source: RTE News

Image source: RTE News

As noted RTE News, Gelsinger announced a systematic reduction in the number of potential European sites claiming to host new enterprises from 70 to 10. Ireland is definitely in the top ten, but Intel should finally decide on the choice before the end of this year. This week, the head of the company said that at existing plants in Ireland, part of the lines will be allocated for servicing third-party orders from developers of automotive components – chips will be produced using 16nm and more modern technologies.

Even without taking into account the possibility of the emergence of a contract manufacturing cluster here, which within ten years will require investments in the amount of 80 billion euros and will grow to eight enterprises, Ireland will remain a “growth point” for Intel on the map, as the head of the corporation made clear. The company is already ready to invest $ 7 billion in the expansion of existing enterprises in Ireland, and a 7-nm technical process will be mastered here, which in the new designation system was named “Intel 4”. The construction site already employs about 6,000 people, in the future Intel intends to retain its status as a major employer in this country. She is unlikely to be upset even by the decision of the authorities to raise the corporate tax rate, which has so far been below the standard value, which served as an additional factor in attracting investment in the Irish economy.

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