Intel has officially confirmed that Alder Lake processors will soon

Intel has officially confirmed that Alder Lake processors will soon increase in price

Third sources have already mentioned that Intel has started notifying customers in advance about the upcoming price increase for new batches of processors in the current half year. At the quarterly reporting event, CEO Patrick Gelsinger clarified that the new pricing will go into effect in the fourth quarter, later adding that the increase would affect Alder Lake’s client model family.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

The participants prompted such revelations from Intel executives quarterly event, who sought to determine what factors are shaping the company’s confidence in a partial recovery in the PC market by the end of this year. Intel management, represented by Patrick Gelsinger, emphasized that customer-side product inventory should be sold by the fourth quarter, allowing the company to resume shipments of its products in quantities more commensurate with demand. Second, the fourth quarter is historically a high demand season in the PC market, Intel simply expects the trend not to be broken this year.

The Intel CEO acknowledged that the ability to independently produce processors allowed the company not to pass on the rising costs due to inflation to the cost of products for a long time, and therefore could not raise prices until the fourth quarter. In his opinion, customers are calm about the price increase for Intel processors. “We see this opportunity in the client area, the cost of the processors alder The lake is raised to reflect inflationary changes,” Mr. Gelsinger summarized.

Intel CFO David Zinsner added that even if the PC market shrinks to 310-325 million units per year, demand would remain above pre-pandemic levels. The planet’s computer park includes 600 million PCs that are more than four years old, so it needs to be upgraded systematically, and Intel rightly expects to win in the process. In the enterprise segment, which accounts for most of the demand, Intel not only has a larger market share, but also a higher average selling price of processors than its main competitor.

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