Intel has found a flaw in AMDs methods to close

Intel has found a flaw in AMD’s methods to close the Specter vulnerability

Recently, a new Specter class vulnerability was revealed affecting Intel and ARM processors, and when Intel started investigating the issue in detail, they found that the methods used by AMD to close the Specter 2018 stopped working . In response, AMD fixed the issue again.

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In general, the Specter vulnerability allows attackers to access information processed by the processor and this can be done remotely. In particular, passwords and encryption keys can be stolen. When it turned out that Intel and ARM chips were facing a new threat, the experts of the first company tried to find a way to close them without significantly affecting processor performance, and the solution that AMD had previously used was called one of the considered options.

However, examining this solution in detail, the Intel STORM team found that AMD’s efforts to protect against Specter have lost relevance since 2018, and the “red” chips were still vulnerable. The problem affects almost all modern AMD processors, including almost the entire family of desktop and mobile Ryzen (second generation and up), as well as server EPYC. The manufacturer responded promptly with a publication instructions (PDF) to mitigate the new threat and that at this time there are no reports of actual exploitation of the vulnerability by attackers.



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