Intel has developed a tool that allows you to update the BIOS of the motherboard without rebooting the system

Intel has prepared a special software tool Seamless Update for the Linux operating system, which allows you to update the BIOS of motherboards without having to restart the computer, writes the Phoronix portal. The company has already released the required Linux kernel update with support for this feature. It is likely that Windows-based systems will also receive support in the future.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Updating the motherboard BIOS can be the last resort if the system is experiencing problems that cannot be fixed by other means. However, this procedure requires a mandatory restart of the computer, which can be critical for systems designed to work almost non-stop, for example, for servers with databases. During the upgrade, the system is actually idle for several minutes, which can result in large financial losses for the owner of the equipment. As it turned out, Intel has been working on a solution to this problem for some time.

Called Intel Seamless Update, the tool allows you to update your motherboard microcode (BIOS) in real time inside the operating system without rebooting. In fact, installing an update is no different from installing any program. As part of the Intel Seamless Update for the Linux kernel, the Platform Firmware Runtime Update ACPI driver will be used, which is responsible for the operation of the function in the operating system environment.

Updating the BIOS itself can be a very risky process, especially for an unprepared user, so Intel’s desire to simplify this procedure is welcome. It is quite possible that with the release of Intel Sapphire Rapids processors, Seamless Update will become the main method of updating BIOS and one of the selling features of this platform.


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