Intel Core i9 14900K at 8 GHz made it possible to

Intel Core i9-14900K at 8 GHz made it possible to gain 1310 frames per second in Counter-Strike 2 and update the DDR5 memory overclocking record

It goes without saying that the recently released Intel processors of the Raptor Lake Refresh family have begun to update extreme overclocking records with the active support of the manufacturer itself. At SXSW Sydney 2023 in Australia was a team of local enthusiasts Team.AU showedwhat the Core i9-14900K at 8 GHz is capable of in the game Counter-Strike 2, and also recorded a record for memory overclocking to DDR5-11618 mode.

    Image source: Channel Kbit, YouTube

Image source: Channel Kbit, YouTube

Of course, a few days earlier, news of the overclocking of the Intel Core i9-14900KF processor to a frequency of 9044 (9100) MHz had already spread around the planet, but this record was set using liquid helium instead of liquid nitrogen. which is more common in such experiments, and the processor itself maintained the computational load of the activity of eight cores and eight threads without being loaded. Australian overclockers used liquid nitrogen and ensured that the system maintained relative stability when running the game Counter-Strike 2 with a processor frequency of about 8 GHz. One of the guests at the event even had the opportunity to take part in this game. and the scene update rate in it reached 1310 frames per hour. Give me a second.

    Image source: HWBot

Image source: HWBot

When it came to record-breaking memory overclocking, there was no hope for stability, and enthusiasts led by Gigabyte’s in-house Extreme Overclocking specialists barely managed to record a new record corresponding to the DDR5-11618 mode with timings of 64-127 -127-127-127 -2 and the use of a single 16GB memory module in the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Tachyon X motherboard before the system lost stability and entered the so-called “Blue Screen of Death”. Definitely the mode DDR5-11618 is a new absolute record for memory overclocking. From this point of view, the new Intel processor family managed to satisfy overclocking fans, achieving an increase in the platform’s overclocking potential compared to its predecessors.

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