Intel Core i5 12400 managed to overclock to 5 GHz on

Intel Core i5-12400 managed to overclock to 5 GHz on a relatively affordable motherboard with an Intel B660 chipset

German enthusiast Roman “Der8auer” Hartung has confirmed that locked multiplier Intel Alder Lake processors can be overclocked on more affordable motherboards with the Intel B660 chipset, and not just on the flagship and expensive solutions with the Intel Z690 chipset.

Image source: Der8auer

Image source: Der8auer

The overclocker bought the ASUS ROG Strix B660-I and ROG Strix B660-F boards for about 200 and 250 euros, respectively, and then showed that the processor’s overclocking function also works on them without the suffix “K” via the BCLK bus. These boards are much cheaper than ASUS ROG models based on the Intel Z690 chipset, on which the ability to overclock processors with a locked multiplier was originally discovered. In other words, the user has a relatively inexpensive way not only to upgrade the PC, but also to get additional performance by overclocking components. Yes, under certain conditions.

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At the very least, you should pay attention to the fact that the overclocking function of the younger Alder Lake via the BCLK bus is only available on motherboard models with support for DDR5 memory, so your old system will not work with DDR4 memory and you will also have to upgrade RAM along with it the processor and board.

In general, the process of overclocking the BCLK bus on motherboards with the Intel B660 chipset is also slightly different from the method available on motherboards with the Intel Z690 chipset. While this is pretty much automated on older motherboards, the newer models of ASUS motherboards don’t have some options in the BIOS to configure BCLK. In addition, as the enthusiast notes, the XMP function for automatically overclocking RAM in the AI ​​​​Overclock Tuner section of the current version of the board firmware does not work if you use BCLK overclocking. However, Der8auer showed how to manually overclock the bus and RAM.

1642763312 594 Intel Core i5 12400 managed to overclock to 5 GHz on

If you change the BCLK bus frequency, the ASUS board firmware will indicate that the PC needs to be restarted. Over time, this can take about a minute. The user should not panic and just wait patiently for the process to complete.

1642763313 217 Intel Core i5 12400 managed to overclock to 5 GHz on

Der8auer points out that if the reboot time is more than a minute, the user probably made a mistake when changing the settings. In this case, you can reset the BIOS settings to factory defaults and try again.

After overclocking the Core i5-12400 to 5GHz on all six cores chip performance level came close to the eight-core Ryzen 7 5800X in the Cinebnech R20 test. According to Der8auer, an overclocked Core i5 on a board with an Intel B660 behaves the same as when overclocked on boards with an Intel Z690 chipset – it shows a peak temperature of 93 degrees Celsius with a power consumption of 117 watts.

1642763313 513 Intel Core i5 12400 managed to overclock to 5 GHz on

Of course, this temperature and TDP are only observed in stress tests. In games, both CPU numbers should be significantly lower.


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