Intel confirms Arrow Lake S and Lunar Lake chips will receive

Intel confirms Arrow Lake-S and Lunar Lake chips will receive AVX-VNNI instructions to accelerate AI and machine learning

According to VideoCardz, Intel has updated its Architecture Instruction Set Extensions and Future Features document with some adjustments to the next-gen desktop processor specifications. In particular, the document notes that the Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake processor families will gain support for a variety of instructions, including SHA512, SM3, and SM4, as well as the new AVX-VNNI, which focuses on accelerating AI-related operations.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

The appearance of AVX-VNNI in Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake processors deserves special attention. This is a set of instructions that improve performance when working with neural networks by providing separate algorithms for 8-bit and 16-bit integer operations. This means applications that use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms run faster and use processors more efficiently. Changes made to the document are highlighted in purple.

Support for SHA512, SM3, and SM4 instructions in these consumer processors increases their security and cryptographic capabilities. The integration of SHA512, a widely used cryptographic hash function, ensures better data integrity and secure data transmission. In addition, the document specifies support for the SM3 and SM4 cryptographic hash algorithms used in data exchange.

The document also hints at future updated Raptor Lake Refresh processors. In particular, CPUIDs are listed there, confirming that the updated chips will become representatives of the 14th generation. The Raptor Lake refresh announcement is expected to coincide with the launch of the Meteor Lake mobile processors.

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