Intel chief praised Apple M1, but promised to make the processor better

Apparently, Intel executives still cannot forget the “divorce” with Apple, which ditched Core and Xeon processors in favor of its own Arm-based computer chips. In a recent interview with Axios, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said he would like to return to his partnership with Tim Cook.

Image source: Tom's Hardware

Image source: Tom’s Hardware

“I am always haunted by the idea that some device might not work on Intel chips.”– said Gelsinder on the words that Mac computers now use their own crystal, developed by Apple. “Apple decided it could create chips that were better than ours. And you know, they really did a very good job. Therefore, the only thing that remains for us is to develop a chip that will be better than their processor. “– added the head of Intel.

Apple announced the transition to its own Arm processors in June 2020. Prior to that, the company had partnered with Intel since 2005. Apple has released several products based on its first Apple M1 processor. Compared to its predecessors, it not only significantly increased the performance of these devices, but also increased their energy efficiency.

The new platform also had no problems with supporting software products, as Apple worked closely with application developers and implemented the Rosetta 2 emulation tool in Mac OS, which makes it convenient to use programs for the Intel platform with the new processor. Although Apple computers with Intel processors can still be found on sale, there is little reason to buy them, since similar models based on the M1 processor really outperform them in performance.

Nevertheless, Gelsinger remains hopeful that his company will be able to attract the attention of a former partner again.

“Hopefully, over time we will be able to reclaim this part of their business, as well as many other segments. But to do this, our products must be better than their products, our ecosystem must be more open and flexible than theirs, and we must create more reasons for developers and users to choose products based on Intel technologies. So I will do my best to impose on Tim [Куку] serious competition in these matters “

Reuniting with Apple could take years, Gelsinger said. However, an alternative option for cooperation between the two companies could be Apple’s use of Intel’s manufacturing facilities to produce its own processors.

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