Intel CEO to visit Taiwan for talks with TSMC

Intel CEO to visit Taiwan for talks with TSMC

Intel will be forced to maintain a shaky balance of interests in the coming years. On the one hand, it will need TSMC services to release the advanced part of its own products. On the other hand, Intel will compete with the Taiwanese partner in the contract market. Patrick Gelsinger will visit Taiwan for the first time as head of Intel this month to participate in negotiations.

Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

According to the agency Bloomberg, the company’s CEO will travel to Taiwan next week and then visit Malaysia. Representatives of TSMC and Intel declined to comment on this, but it is assumed that in Taiwan, Mr. Gelsinger will just negotiate with TSMC on cooperation in the coming years. Historically, Intel received from contractors up to 20% of products sold, TSMC was among the executors of orders, but at a new stage of development, the processor giant is ready to outsource a larger part of orders.

TSMC is expected to manufacture discrete GPUs and central processing units for Intel, and this form of collaboration will expand to 3nm manufacturing technology by 2023. Intel will have to compete with Apple for quotas for the production of 3nm chips, and negotiations on the topic need to begin now. Recall that the head of Intel, incidentally, calls on the American authorities to allocate subsidies to domestic producers, although TSMC also claims them as part of the construction of an enterprise in Arizona.

Intel has a chip testing and packaging facility in Malaysia. Another wave of the pandemic this summer caused disruptions in the supply of semiconductor products processed in Malaysia and Vietnam. Obviously, Gelsinger’s visit to Malaysia will focus on activities aimed at preventing similar problems in the future.

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