Intel CEO said the company will respond to AMD with better products and even press NVIDIA

In a recent interview with New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and CFO George Davis discussed the current market situation and how the company is going to compete with AMD and NVIDIA.

Pat Gelsinger / Source: videocardz.com

Pat Gelsinger / Source: videocardz.com

Since Mr. Gelsinger took over as CEO of Intel, the company has released plans for the coming years, covering the development of manufacturing facilities, future consumer products and server solutions, and Intel’s return to the discrete gaming graphics market. The company will compete against AMD and NVIDIA in the HPC market with next-generation Xeon Scalable products, and server accelerators Ponte Vecchio and Xe-HP Arctic Sound. The company’s competitiveness will become evident in the next 3-4 years, and the leadership will steadily remain with Intel.

“We’re talking about the AMD threat, we need to make products better, period! So we’re going to make better products, and they’ve had a period where we didn’t do well. We will work, work, work! Thus, we are entering a period where we will become very competitive. There was a time when we lagged behind. Now, from Ice Lake, Sapphire rapids, Diamond Rapids, we are entering a period where we will be very competitive, and in 3-4 years from now we will see ourselves regaining sustained leadership. We are entering a period where we will become more competitive with more competitive products, more dynamic pricing, better market share potential, better TCO for cloud customers, so we just have to fight. “– said Mr. Gelsinger.

The head of the company said that positions in the GPU architecture market will also strengthen, and for the first time ever it will be possible to disturb the positions of NVIDIA. With the recently announced X Intelligent Scaling TechnologyeSS and multi-year architecture plans Xe HPG will also be worried about AMD, which is going to release the first GPUs with MCM-layout in the Radeon 7000 series next year.

“We are deploying a heterogeneous architecture that is part of Alder Lake, where we have big and small cores and AMD only has one. We will have more efficient and more energy efficient versions of the core, which is very convincing, we will have our own GPU architecture, with which we will begin to put pressure on NVIDIA for the first time. We’ll reveal our IPU architecture, move on to smart network adapters and smart network structures, so the three major architecture announcements this week we think will be like [эффекта от AMD] Zen. And, believe me, we still have something else being prepared in the laboratories, which I want to tell people about, which will be a big step forward, far beyond what we have already talked about, and something that cannot be discussed a couple more years, but innovation is back “, – said Mr. Gelsinger about the plans for new products.


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