Intel CEO revisits Taiwan and meets with Japanese suppliers

Intel CEO revisits Taiwan and meets with Japanese suppliers

Last year, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger visited Taiwan for important talks with TSMC, which is set to become a key contractor for the processor giant in the years to come. According to new information, the head of Intel traveled to Taiwan again this month and at the same time will visit Japan to negotiate with local suppliers.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

He told the agency about Patrick Gelsinger’s new business trip Bloomberg a source familiar with the CEO’s plans. The route includes not only Taiwan and Japan, but also India. In the last of the countries, Intel has long had a research center and drivers are being developed, but the company does not have a local manufacturing base here. However, Gelsinger’s trip to India could involve negotiations with one of Intel’s partners or customers, as the company’s officials were quite broad in describing the scope of the visit’s objectives.

But the source doesn’t doubt the inevitability of the Intel boss’s visit to TSMC. No loud statements are made in this regard, but such meetings are likely to become more frequent as companies need to deepen cooperation. Until Intel returns to its former technological grandeur as planned by mid-decade, it will need to rely on TSMC services for advanced lithography.

In Japan, the scope of Intel’s interests is limited to several companies at once. Tokyo Electron supplies it with chip fabrication equipment, while Ibiden and Unimicron Technology specialize in the film substrates needed for production. In an environment where the entire semiconductor industry is in fever, it is important to control every link in the production chain. Some time ago Gelsinger visited Europe again, the result of this trip was a declaration of intent to spend up to 80 billion euros for the development of the local semiconductor industry, of which 33 billion euros will be invested in building two companies in Germany. The head of the company considers it necessary to actively interact with all partners, so his business trip to Asian countries is scheduled for April.


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